St-Marc, Beaches and Ice Cream Sundays

This Sunday I took my first day trip to a nearby town. The weather has been completely beautiful and unseasonably warm and sunny for Fall. So my friend Kate and I took the bus and headed to the town of St-Marc-sur-Mer, and found a beach called “La Plage du M. Hulot.” This is the beach where they filmed “Mr. Hulot’s Holiday,” a 1953 Jaques Tati movie. There is a statue of M. Hulot overlooking the sea. The beach was filled with people and it felt like a mid-July day, despite being October. There was a rough rocky coastline, typical of Brittany, and  also sandy beach area where swimmers could lounge.

There was also a market in the town, which was the first market I had seen in France. It was so fun to look at the interesting looking mushrooms, onions and different kinds of garlic, as well as leeks, peppers and all sorts of delicious looking veggies.

After walking around a bit and even taking a dip in the sea, we headed to a restaurant and sat on the terrace and ate decadent ice cream sundaes. Mine had a shot of espresso on the side. Yum!


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