Chateaux, Cycling & Wine Tasting in Saumur

Before heading off on our Christmas holiday trips, Kate and I visited the city of Saumur in the Loire Valley. The city took about 2 hours to reach by train. We left early in the morning and brought our bikes since it was a sunny beautiful day. We saw one of the most beautiful chateaux that I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of a typical fairy tale chateaux that Cinderella would live in. Unfortunately it was closed for visits, but we got to walk see it from the outside. We also walked around vinyards and parks in the area. The castle had a classic moat around it and was on the top on a hill overlooking the rest of the city.

Down in the city we visited the market and saw some gorgeous cheeses, veggies and other products. We ended up finding a creperie for lunch and had some of the best crepes I’ve eaten in France. I had one with Rochefort, Bacon and Walnuts. The crepe was cooked perfectly, fluffy and thick yet well cooked and a little crispy. Heaven!

Then the highlight of out day was biking out to some wine caves outside of the city. Having our bikes proved to be worth it because it allowed up so see some beautiful countryside bike baths and get to the caves. We got to have a private  tour with two other people about the history of the cave, and it was good French practice. Then we got to have a wine tasting session and tasted several champagne-like sparkling wines. We even tried a sparkling red wine, which I didn’t even know existed. It was a good learning experience and lots of fun!


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