London & Paris with Alex

After Switzerland, London was next on my list of holiday travels. Alex came to meet me in Geneva, and after a few days we took a very early morning flight over to the UK. One of the things on my list to do when in London was to eat a Full English breakfast. On our second day, we woke up a but too late to get to our hotel’s breakfast, as we were exhausted from waking up at 5am to get our 7:30am flight the day before. But it worked out alright because by the time we got into central London, we found a cute pub that was serving breakfast.

I couldn’t resist the famous hearty Full English breakfast. It was complete with fried eggs, sausage, beans, toast, bacon, tomato and mushroom. It looks like a heart attack on a plate, but I was really hungry and it hit the spot. Alex got fish and chips, as usual. He attempted to eat fish and chips as many times as possible while in the UK, since it’s one of his favourite foods. Although it was good, he said he had had better in Canada, at Brit and Chips in Old Montreal. We decided that he’d probably have to go to a really authentic chip stand outside of the city to get the real thing.

Dinner was chicken pie for me with veggies and mash, and another fish and chips for Alex. We went with mostly British type food while we were in London. Obviously there are all sorts of good quality cuisines in London now, despite the old stereotype that you can’t get good food in England, but we just decided to go with the British theme most of the time. For the most part it was very well made,  good quality traditional comfort food.

We spent New Years Eve in London and I’ll never forget it. The London Eye and Big Ben were all lit up and while we walked around the city. We started to see people get settled to wait for the midnight fireworks around 8pm, but we weren’t up for waiting in the cold for 4 hours so we moved on. We ended up going into a cute pub in Convent Garden and waited for midnight there. It was all decorated with little lights for the evening, and the staff came and had a drink with all the customers for the countdown to midnight. We saw the fireworks shown on the TV in the pub, and it was cool to know that it was all going on so close by. It was a special celebration of fireworks because 2012 will be the year of the London Olympics and the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

After 5 great days in London filled with exploring, museums, walking and eating, we started our journey back to France. We took the Eurostar to Paris so we could take another train back to Saint-Nazaire. Alex had never been to Paris before, so we took a few hours between our train and walked down to see some of  Paris. Of course the one thing I wanted Alex to see what the Eiffel Tower.

It was strange rainy weather but we caught a beautiful moment when we saw a “double rainbow” right near the Eiffel Tower.


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