Budapest Bites

For our February break, Kate and I took a holiday to Budapest and Vienna.


In Budapest the weather was freezing and snowy, and it was the first time I felt real winter since I’ve been in Europe. It reminded me of Montreal winters. Because of the weather, it was really cozy to slip into restaurants and try hearty soups and stews to warm up. I loved Hungarian food! I didn’t know much about it before coming, but I really liked all the things I tried. There were lots of soups and stews, lots of sour creme, and pickled things and salads. Hungarians also love Paprika and spicy and sweet paprika seemed to be in almost everything. I loved it!

Beef goulash with spaetzle. It was very hearty, warm and comforting, for a freezing cold day.


To escape the cold, we hopped into several of Budapest’s famous 18th century cafes. Budapest had a golden era pre-WWI and had a cafe culture of comparable to cities like Paris and Vienna. We tried out one Cafe Muvesz. It was in a beautiful space, but it seemed to have become quite touristy so the cakes and coffee didn’t quite live up to our expectations.

On the last day of out trip though we tried another Cafe Auguszt. It was amazing! I had one of the best lattes EVER and an amazing custardy cake called a Creme.

I loved Budapest. The whole city had a familiar yet unique vibe, and there were lots of young creative people and little cafes. It was great because everything was so cheap! We could eat a good meal for the equivalent of 3-5 euros. Almost everyone spoke English and was very friendly. The whole city was beautiful and it was the all the ice and snow enhanced the beauty of the place.



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