L’Arrivage: Birthday Lunch in the Old Port

I’ve been back in Montreal since June, and getting used to being back in Canada. I miss the many things about France, like the cheap but amazing cheeses, wine and cafe cremes. But I am getting to enjoy some old favourites that I weren’t as readily available or affordable in my town in France, like Japanese and Thai food.

My Dad and Stepmother organized a delicious and special birthday Lunch for my sister Marissa and I in the old port of Montreal this week. The food was amazing.

The restaurant was L’Arrivage, which is located on top of the Point-a-Calliere archeology museum in Old Montreal. The architecture of the space has won several prizes and makes a light, bright atmosphere with a beautiful view of Old Montreal.

We started with Gaspacho which was perfect for the sweltering weather we have been having for weeks in Montreal. It was fresh, light and savoury. Perfect.

Then we had a risotto with mushrooms, roasted shallots and pine nuts with a poached egg and micro greens on top. It had a great texture and was creamy, comforting and flavourful as a risotto should be. Delicious!

Looking forward to writing about new food and restaurant adventures in Montreal and rediscovering old favourites.


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