Montreal Cafe Discovery: Cafe du Bois

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I came across cafe today in my neighbourhood in the East Plateau. I had seen it before but never ventured in. I usually have opted for another nearby cafe, Le Placard. I always liked the atmosphere, but kept getting disappointed by the stale coffee and expensive prices.

So today I walked into Cafe du Bois while waiting for my laundry to finish and was pleasantly surprised by the cute non pretentious atmosphere, the cheap prices and delicious coffee. I had a double esspresso machiato and was only charged $2.50.

The service was also great and genuine, and I was even asked if I wanted a glass of water with my coffee.

The espresso was fresh, rich and full bodied and gave me a nice caffeine hit. The place also had a lovely cottage-y atmosphere with wooden and vintage furniture, but still felt homey without being too trendy. The cafe also has a charming back terasse filled with greenery and sunshine.

Good service, charming atmosphere, excellent coffee and cheap prices combined are surprisingly hard to come by! All in all A+.

Cafe du Bois: Mont Royal, corner Fullum.


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