Brunching @ L’anecdote

My sister and I spent a rainy Sunday morning having brunch at L’ancecdote on Rachel (corner St-Hubert). We biked to meet up in the rain and were soaking wet, so slightly uncomfortable, but were distracted enough by the great food and sisterly gossip sesh. Our original plan was to have coffee and croissants at the nearby Co’Pains bakery and hang in Parc Lafontaine, but the rain foiled our plans and the bakery was too crowded inside. So instead we headed over to L’anecdote and I’m glad we did. I had the veg eggs benedict and Marissa had the crepes aux pommes. Although a little on the expensive (for Montreal) side at around 10$ a plate, both were great! The eggs came on a huge plate with caramelized onions, mushrooms and spinach, a salad and potatoes.

The crepes were beautifully presented and came on a plate with an entire raw sliced apple. They also had a cinnamon compote. Despite our vegetarian plates we were also feeling carnivorous so we shared a plate of sausages! Coffee was standard, with free refills but they also sell cafe au lait and espresso if you’re willing to pay more.

The place is located on a corner and is diner-y inside with big red booths, and eclectic 50s decor. I think the restaurant itself may have been around for a long time because the corner location actually has a brass sign in the exterior wall with the restaurant’s name on it. The service was a little slow and distracted but pleasant if you’re not in a rush. They also have a great veggie or regular burgers and cakes if you stop by in the evening for a post park snack! A must try for brunch or diner food.


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