Review: Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse coffee is a Canadian brand of fair trade, organic coffee beans. The beans are roasted in eastern British Columbia at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in a town called Invermere.

I first looked into their coffee a few years ago because they are one of the only brands I know of that makes decaf coffee with the swiss water process. This means that the coffee beans are decaffeinated using water, rather than being chemically treated. Since then I’ve tried many of their other roasts and opt for the caffeinated variety 99% of the time. The bag is usually 17$ for a 1 lb bag, but I have seen it for little as 15$. The beans are available in many grocery stores on Canada and are also available to purchase online on Kicking Horse’s website.

Lately, the Cliffhanger Espresso roast has become my favourite. To make it, I grind the beans very finely before use, and use an Italian stovetop espresso maker to brew the coffee.

It comes out with nice crema, and full bodied, powerful aroma. The coffee tastes complex, rich and balanced without a burnt taste that you sometimes get from the stovestop espresso makers. I’ve been enjoying it with half and half cream and it is divine!


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